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Bohnice: Within The Mind

Explore the dark secrets of a closed psychiatric hospital in Prague, Bohnice, as a determined journalist. Uncover chilling experiments, gruesome tortures, and paranormal encounters. Collect clues and photographs to reveal the horrifying truth hidden for 40 years.
Uncover the hidden mysteries of Bohnice Hospital in a captivating adventure of exploration and terror!
Experience tension and dread in a game that unveils terrifying incidents under full moonlight.
Confront the shadows and explore the abandoned corridors in search of the truth in Bohnice Hospital.
In this enthralling game of mystery and paranormal exploration, each photograph tells a narrative.
Find clues, investigate hidden rooms, and unravel the mystery of a ghostly hospital.
In this tough game, you must photograph the dark history and reveal the secrets of a closed-down hospital.
In Bohnice Hospital, immerse yourself in a world of mysteries and unearth horrifying secrets.
Confront the shadows and explore the abandoned corridors in search of the truth in Bohnice Hospital.
A dark adventure awaits in Bohnice Hospital. Are you ready to uncover the disturbing truth?

Discover the secrets of Bohnice Hospital in a thrilling adventure of exploration and fear!

Uncover the mystery hidden in the depths of a closed hospital in Prague, Bohnice, in a captivating adventure and discovery game. The action takes place in the present day, but the hospital was closed 40 years ago for unknown reasons, leaving behind numerous dark tales and well-guarded secrets.
Assume the role of a curious and determined journalist, determined to unveil the hidden truths of this place haunted by legends and mystery. Investigate hidden rooms, explore a haunting cemetery, a mysterious church, and the dark hallways of the hospital as you reveal the dark secrets of its past.
In your mission, you will collect photographs and clues that unveil controversial experiments, gruesome tortures, shocking exorcisms, and cases of mind control, all taking place in this sinister hospital. With each photograph and every clue discovered, you get closer to uncovering the horrifying truth that led to the closure of the hospital 40 years ago.
But you will be more than just a mere witness. The ghosts of the past may seem alive in this haunted place, and paranormal encounters will test you. You will need to navigate carefully through this labyrinth of horror, prepared to solve the mysteries and confront the chilling apparitions of the past.


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